Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 8: Reading the Instructions is Totally Overrated

So I've been more cooking and baking in the last couple days. After the naan, I made curry to go with it, which I have been eating nonstop since then. And I am fucking sick of curry. No more curry! At least for another month. But there's still more curry in the fridge! The recipe said it'd make 6-8 servings, but I swear I still have about 6 servings left in tupperware! What the freak.

Here's a picture of the final product :] The photo totally doesn't do it justice.

Damn, that looks rustic. And I used this recipe:

I didn't follow the recipe at all. First, I didn’t use a crockpot. I wanted to make it in an hour instead of four. I used pork instead of lamb cuz that's what was in the fridge. So I got chicken broth for the pork. And I totally forgot the yogurt at the end. Ooooops. Well, it still tastes wonderful…until you've eaten it for lunch and dinner several days in a row. Ahhh, college life.

After all that cooking, I treated myself to this:

Mmm…White Russians are delicious men. I mean, drinks. And this drink was well deserved after toiling in the kitchen like a housewife, except without the working hubby and five kids.

The Roomie just took her last final yesterday and will be graduating on Saturday! Freeeeeeedom! But unfortunately, not for me. We did make almond cookies last night and dyed my hair with henna! Definitely sucked at following directions in the cookie-making process. I added everything in the wrong order. The Roomie took over, as she usually does when things aren't going her way, and they turned out lovely! Delicious with vanilla ice cream… Mmm…

Oh, I'm so arteeestic :] Here's the recipe, if anyone's interested:

Then the henna fiasco occurred next. We were waiting for the Roomie's bf to bring back latex gloves from Seester. The Roomie refused to touch the henna mixture without protection, and I totally don't blame her. As you can see from the photo below… she was smearing shit into my hair. And it smelled pretty close to shit, too.

Gross. Luckily, it's all for a good cause, which is to make my hair red! Though it's only a tint or gleam seen in sunlight, it's pretty :] The Roomie says my hair has a glint of auburn, but less red than it was last time. Oh yeah, forgot to say this is the third time I've henna-ed my hair. I just like to mix things up, but there really aren't that many moderate options for black hair. Moderate meaning NOT bleaching my hair and trying to look like a white girl. I may act like one, but I sure ain't gonna try to look like one!

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