Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 4: My Twenty-Five

Originally posted on my Facebook over a year ago. Revised for my blog!

25) My greatest fear is asphyxiation. I’m deathly terrified of drowning or getting smothered by a pillow. Yet, I’m a former swimmer/water polo player, and I was a swim instructor/lifeguard. Completely ironic, I know.

24) I have a birthmark on my back. People have mistaken it for a tattoo. They say it looks like a snake or a dragon. I think it looks like a splotch, but not that I really know because I can’t really see that part of my back.
Recently, I've discovered another birthmark on my lower back! I swear, they're popping up like weeds.

23) In first grade, some jerk punk-ass kid told me that I was stupid because I was fat. I rebuked by saying, “I’m not stupid!! At least I know that Benjamin Franklin was the first person to discover electricity from his kite and key experiment!!!” Turns out that Benny didn’t really do that, or else he would’ve been electrocuted to death, and he didn’t really “discover” electricity. But either way, I'm not stupid.

22) There is a small scar on my left wrist. It’s from a sore caused by the Herpes Simplex I virus. It’s the virus that gives you cold sores on your lips. It can infect any part of your body that has skin. (IT’S NOT THE OTHER KIND, so don’t freak out).

21) I am obsessed with cheese. I love it. Okay, so I don’t like Bleu Cheese
(or any kind of Stilton) or Swiss cheese. But otherwise, CHEESE IS AMAZING. I think it stems from never having cheese as a child. Asian families don’t really eat much cheese.

20) Lilies are my favorite kinds of flower. I love all lilies. Tiger lilies, stargazer lilies, day lilies, Easter lilies, you name it! I love them so much that I used to want to name my first daughter Liliana, just so I can call her Lily for short.

19) I’m absolutely terrible at keeping plants alive. I must have a black thumb or something. Almost any plant that has been given to me as a gift…has met a gruesome end. And I don’t know what I’m doing incorrectly! I totally keep put them in pots, water them, make sure they get sun, etc, etc. Seriously, they say that if you can’t keep a plant alive, you shouldn’t have a pet, right? That leads to: if you can’t keep a pet alive, you shouldn’t have kids….I think that’s total
bullshit. At least I hope so?

18) When I listen to a song (implying that it has words), I listen to the music first. I’ll hear the harmony most prominently, as well as the melody. And I’ll judge whether I like it or not, based on the rhythm and the beat. I barely hear the lyrics. I’ll catch a word here or there, most likely in the chorus. Maybe after fifty times of listening to it, I’ll start hearing the words. But by then, I’ll have made up my own lyrics and convinced myself that those are the correct words.

17) When I was younger, I went through phases of favorite Disney princesses. But that’s like every little girl. What’s fascinating is that I wanted to change my name to Ariel. Like, I REALLLLLLLY wanted my name to be Ariel, so much that I told (not asked, TOLD) my dad that he had to go the official office and have my name changed on my birth certificate and everything. Ironically, Ariel is now one of my lesser favorite princesses. Oh, then as soon as I discovered Aladdin, I quickly switched to wanting my name to be Jasmine. Of course. Now, my favorite princess is Belle.

16) Another irony. Seeing as my favorite princess is currently Belle, it follows that I should want to change my name to Belle, right? Well…my favorite name is Isabella. And I have sworn since forever that I would name my daughter Isabella. It was going to be Isabella and Liliana. Or Belle and Lily. Fabulous, right? Now, I’m kinda over the idea of having kids. But in HS Spanish, I did choose Isabella as my "Spanish name."

15) I have this thing with mint. The mint flavor should ONLY be in gum and, well, MINTS. I do not like mint and chocolate chip ice cream (but I think it's a texture issue...). Peppermint hot chocolate or peppermint mocha, no thanks. My mint is reserved for toothpaste. And other breath fresheners.
But recently, I've warmed up to Junior Mints and other chocolate and mint combos.

14) My dream car
WAS the Tesla Roadster. The very sight of this beautous vehicle made me nearly swoon. Electric roadster: two words one would have never thought to put together until relatively recently. Yet, when I first saw this orgasmic car several years ago, it was love at first sight. Mine will be in Radiant Red or Twilight Blue with premium black leather interior. NOW, after having tried driving a Prius, I realized that I could never have an electric car. I love the purr of the engine and the power of a real car. So I'm back to not having a dream car. And I think I'll pass on the leather interior.

13) I have many limitations to what I think looks good on me. Certain colors do not match my skin tone. Certain designs and cuts do not look good on my body. It’s all psychological, and I know it. Yet, I could never bring myself to buy something in light blue. Recently, I’ve let go of my distaste towards skinny jeans and bought a pair. And then another. Though I think the cut makes my hips look massive, I still wear them.
Now, I only own skinny jeans and can't seem to find other cuts attractive on me. And I’ve accepted purple as a color that may go well with my skin tone.

12) I went through a period of time in my youth in which I never cut my fingernails. The nail clippings were so infrequent that the skin under my nails started to grow up into my nails. Like a millimeter. But with nails, that tiny distance matters. It’s stayed like that ever since. When I cut my nails now, I can’t trim them too short. If I do, I cut into my skin, and it hurts.

11) One of my life’s goals is to explore Greece and Egypt and to return to Italy. There’s some instinctual part of me that pulls me toward those ancient worlds. I want to live in an Italian villa by the sea when I’m older.

10) I’m a boots kind of girl. I had this epiphany last week when I was looking at my selection of shoes, and they were ALL boots. My favorite boots are the black leather knee-high boots with 3.5 inch heels. Now, I own a

9) I use Vaseline petroleum jelly on my lips. When I went to Hawaii a few years ago, I brought my 3.75 oz thing of Vaseline. It was solid, of course, on the way there. However, on the way back, because I had been in warm Kauai for a couple weeks, my Vaseline had slightly melted. The airport security confiscated it because it was a liquid larger than 3.5 oz. I’m still bitter. Now I have a 1.75 oz thing of Vaseline. Just in case.
Now, I've realized that it's sort of disgusting... so I'm trying to use regular lip stuff like Chapstick.

8) I love photos. And I love taking photos. My dream is to own a digital SLR and snap photos of everything, everywhere, all the time. Though I know nearly anyone can take a nice photo, I marvel at the genius of it. And I wanna do it, too!

7) I am a crybaby. I cry during movies, TV shows, movie trailers, commercials. I cry when I see someone else crying. I had to stop watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition because I cried at the end of every episode when the family was presented with the new house and looked so FREAKING happy. Even hearing someone's voice breaking can do it.

6) I’m no Martha Stewart. I can’t cook. I can’t sew. I can’t knit. I can’t crochet. But I can change the oil of a car, change and balance the tires, change the sparkplugs, and various other manly things. But I’m definitely still feminine.
Working on that! Living in an apartment for the last year has done wonders in that department. I can cook! I can sew!

5) I grew up with The Carpenters, The Beegees, and Fleetwood Mac. My dad played all the music from his youth. Seester and I know all the words to all the Carpenters songs. My favorite song is Top of the World.

4) I used to watch Monday Night Football with my dad when I was younger. Since my dad has no sons, my role as the older daughter was to be the “son,” and so…I watched football. But I never understood it, and I still don’t.
Seester disagrees and says she was the butch one. Ha, I'll let her take that title.

3) My pet peeve: Dry sandwiches. That’s why I don’t like turkey sandwiches. They’re always dry. Especially, leftover white meat from Thanksgiving. That’s what gravy’s for: to drown the white meat, so it’s edible.
And I have many other pet peeves: guys who wear necklaces,

2) Because my mom’s a doctor, Seester and I never go in for regular check-ups, physicals, or any of the normal stuff you should do. But she’s not even a regular doctor you’d go to see for check-ups. She’s a psychiatrist, which is great for her when Seester and I try to pull something on her. I secretly think that something’s wrong with me, and no one would ever know!

1) My middle name is Mỹ Linh. It’s Vietnamese. Mỹ means beautiful. Linh is supposedly the name of a mythical, rare bird, according to my mom. But when I search online, it says Linh means spring, which I guess is fitting because my birthday, March 21st, marks the beginning of the spring equinox. Or the first day of spring! My parents chose Vietnamese names for Seester and me that had equivalents in Chinese that sound similar. My middle name would be something like Meilin in Chinese.

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