Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 5: My Bucket List


Be able to ski proficiently

Brew my own batch of beer or wine

Design the interior of my own home

Donate blood

Driving The Ring in a very nice quick car

Eat beignets in New Orleans

Find a pair of eye glasses that actually look good on me

Fly first/business class

Go to a restaurant enough times that the staff knows my name and order

Go to the opera

Learn how to drive stick-shift

Make my own


Fries or tempura (or anything deep-fried! Twinkies, anyone? keeeding!)

Stuffing (like Thanksgiving stuffing)

Olive oil

Make a real cake with fondant and all

Ride a gondola in Venice

Roadtrip! (must be at least 10 hours or require an overnight stay at some sketchy motel)

See a kangaroo and a koala in Australia

Plus, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

Sing in a choir again


Take an Alaskan cruise

Visit the Sphinx and pyramids in Egypt

Barca play (and beat) Real Madrid!

Somewhat Possible

Attend F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone, Spa, and Monaco (and Australia)

Attend Milan Fashion Week

Backpack for at least three weeks through Europe

Be in a photo shoot

Become a photographer

Camp in glass igloos and see the Northern Lights

Climb up to Machu Picchu

Compose my own song (with or without lyrics)

Cook through a cookbook (learn how to cook)

Design a coat of arms (with ample help from the BF)

Design my own fabric print

Design some jewelry (and actually sell it!)

Dine in the dark

Eat authentic sushi on a dock in Japan

Experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Experience Carnival in Venice/Rio/Ivrea/Viareggio

Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa

Have my own office (no cubicles!)

Have my own private library

Own a pair of Louboutins or Blahniks

Ride a motorcycle

Shoot a gun (at a shooting range, not at a person!)


Traipse through the jungles of Costa Rica

See all the unique creatures in the Galapagos Islands

Just Plain Silly

Be on TV or in a movie

Being part of setting or breaking a world record (inspired by Nicole)

Beat the BF at kartracing (HA!)

Design a set of dinnerware (ceramicware)

Get to know the sushi chef well enough to walk in, sit down, and eat whatever he puts in front of me

Go fishing and actually catch one

Grow a plant (and not kill it)

Have a drink named after me (Christine's Knickers is the BF's idea)

Have a garden and grow my own produce

Open a hover-chair pharmacy

See a tiger in its wild habitat

Shoot an arrow with a bow

Swim competitively again (HA!)

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