Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 3: The Wonderful People in my Life


True definition of BFF. No, really. For some odd reason, she and I never fought much. We got along great. And still do. She is two (and a half) years younger than I am, and she goes to the same university. In some ways, we're practically twins, and in other ways, we're complete opposites. We're both bright, happy, sunshine-y people. I was always the "book-smart" one, and she, "street-smart." But we're both letting things even out. We're both sappy romantics who cry way too easily (during movies, TV shows, books, even movie trailers!). I'm awesome at directions and navigation; she's so utterly challenged in that sense. I'm artsy and creative, and she's not as much (she'd probably kill me for saying that). I'm a fan of water sports, having done swim team and water polo in high school (I abhor running); she did land sports like cheer and lacrosse. She's petite and muscular, while I'm "big-boned" and… er, less muscular. I guess now there are more differences than similarities. But I love her with all my heart.


My other half. My soon-to-be-united other half (as of SB2K10NY). We got "married" soon after meeting at the Vatican. Choir trip 2006 to Italy. And the rest was history. But since you don't know that history, I'll divulge. Since July 1, 2006 (a couple days earlier, actually), I have not been complete without the BF. For the sake of not sounding like a sap (though I totally am), it's been amazing and irreplaceable. He's an American born Englishman who whole-heartedly denies any association with being American. Snobby Brits. He's an econ major at an East Coast Ivy League (please oooohhh & ahhhhhhh with me). We're 3000 miles apart for most of the year, which is 3000 miles too far. The long-distance thing is actually going way better than we expected. We'll be graduating the same year, which is convenient. Who knows where this will go :]


Best friends since she tried to drown me on the first day of water polo practice (HS junior year). Loved and hated her until it all became love. She honestly brought all the crazy into my life and morphed me into the insane person I am today. I have her to thank for all that. She goes to a private university for spoiled children in SoCal, and I miss her so fucking much. I need more crazy in my life.


Met in dance class HS freshman year while we were avoiding PE. As of today, I've known her for 6.5 years. Damn. She goes to a public university known for the smell of cow manure. It's super close to me, yet I never visit! Well, she never visits me either. EmBem, in one word, is classy. She likes things like the fleur de lis design, houndstooth, the colour yellow, and expensive designer purses. I love this girl to death!


The girl with the curly hair and exotic name. And best roomie I've ever had! Seriously, we're complete opposites in so many ways, but the few similarities keep us together. She would call herself a homebody, though I'd disagree. She certainly embraces the comforts of home and the known. It is so amusing how flustered she gets when things don't go according to plan, or I decide to be spontaneous. She likes to have everything planned out ahead of time. Seriously, EVERYTHING. I'll figure out a general plan, but I like to be flexible and do things on a whim. We both like the "treasure-hunting" aspects of our geocaching adventures and trashy reality TV shows like, "What Not To Wear," "Millionaire Matchmaker," and "Say Yes to the Dress." She got me back into the world of make-up and general morning primping. We get along quite well, to say the least!


Met in Girl Scouts in high school (maybe middle school?) and had a bunch of classes together. She goes to a small liberal arts university on the East Coast. LSay is so involved in so many things! She's currently in South Africa for the semester; she started OxFam on her campus. Looking at her achievements and all her good-hearted activities makes me feel like a bad person.


Best guy friend. Met freshman year in college. He thought I was cute; I thought he was cute. I had the BF, and he had a crush on another girl. Now we're friends. I go back and forth between saying we're best friends and just close friends. Sometimes we're really close, and other times, like now (he's on co-op), we talk once or twice a month at best. Our birthdays are a few days apart. He's got a bunch of awesome camera gear that I wish I had the money to buy. He's such a lovely, sensitive, and funny guy!

I wish I could mention everyone, but these are the few people I'll probably talk about often.



So I sorta forgot to include this amazing girl. Sorry! I swear, I love you as much as all these other people! We met soon after I met Mawry cuz they are twins! Kiki was sorta punk/goth/whatever with pink/purple hair at the time, and she looked NOTHING like Mawry. I thought they were pulling my leg! Turns out it was all too true. Kiki did water polo a bit, and we got closer over the years of high school. She is the fucking sweetest girl I have ever met. Within an hour of spending time with her, she will tell me that I'm the cutest ever multiple times and attach herself to my arm, which I love, cuz honestly she's the cutest ever!! And by the way, she's gorgeous and has the greatest cheekbones.

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