Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 1: The Reason

Why am I starting a blog? Good question. Well, two reasons come to mind.

  1. I like bandwagons
  2. I'm funny. Or least I think I am.

And that's good enough for me.

Last week, while I should've been studying for finals, I got lost in the lovely interwebs and found a world of blogs. Somehow through some of my favourite sites (shout out to NotAlwaysRight, PostcardsFromYoMomma, MLIA, and OverheardInNY!), I came across blogs written by an awesome New Yorker, a sexy Californian vixen, and a multitude of people who started cook and bake scrumptious things. I kept on thinking to myself, "Hey, I could write a blog. And I would totally read a blog like mine!" It'd be somewhat entertaining and time-consuming…but not like I'm spending my time well anyway.

And I find myself thinking in blogspeak. Or Facebook-status-speak. Same thing. I just narrate my life to myself when I'm bored (okay, fine…all the time, in fact), so I suppose a blog would be a good outlet for that sort of insanity.

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